Marina, Sequoyah Park

Marina, Sequoyah Park

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Still Sketching Around

Catching up with the sketching today. This is the last sketch in the old Moleskine journal. I like the new Stillman and Birn but I miss things about the Moleskine. The search for perfection is elusive!

We has just had another ice storm on top of the snow and this is the scene from my front door. Cold!

First sketch in the new Stillman and Birn journal. Josh was home helping with the new studio and I sketched him on Christmas day with his new iPhone.

Fountain pen and watercolor.

Just after the first of the year a little sketch of Mack,Chloe and Laddie. We were trying out the new fire pit that Josh had brought us.

Colored pencils.

A soft little sketch of Purrlie cat in colored pencil.

Mack had to go for some out patient surgery in January and I waited in the room for him so this is a little sketch of the room at the VA hospital in Muskogee.

Carbon fountain pen and watercolor.

A second sketch while waiting for Mack to return. The chair wasn't quite comfortable enough to fall asleep so I pulled up a second chair and drew my foot?

Sharpie refillable pen and watercolor.

One cold evening dreaming by the fire.

Ink and watercolor.

Another self portrait, this one in ink and watercolor on another very cold night.

It was so cold this night that I decided to sketch in bed and here is a sketch of my bedroom view.

Carbon fountain pen.

The next day I added some watercolor.

Lately I have been making  sketches of Olympic scenes from TV in grey colored pencil and ink and then adding watercolor as I have time. This is the first I have painted but there are several more sketches waiting for some color. This has been a challenging project.

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