Marina, Sequoyah Park

Marina, Sequoyah Park

Friday, April 15, 2011

Morning in Woodward Park

Morning in Woodward Park, 6 x 8 inches oil on canvas covered board
I recently took a three day Plein Air workshop with Curt Walters at Gicrease Museum and this is one of the paintings from the class.  I have two others that I need to put some finishing touches on and one that will require going back to the sight to finish.  It was a great class and I met some interesting people and feel like I learned a lot. One of the most exciting things was going to paint a Nocturne on Tuesday night at the Boston Avenue Methodist Church which is a beautiful art deco that dates back to 1907.  I got it drawn in and made a start but I will either need to go back or make some reference photos.  It was the first time I have tried a Plein Air at night and it was fun.  Of course I was already a little worn from painting all day but I would love to try it again.

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  1. That sounds fabulous Janette! I cannot imagine the concept of plein air at night - wonderful!!! You will have to fill me in about how you managed that as lighting and getting the right palette sounds as though it could be a problem - but I am sure there is a solution for that! :-)
    All my love