Marina, Sequoyah Park

Marina, Sequoyah Park

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lawrence Retreat 2011

Here are some sketches from our annual Fiber Retreat in Lawrence, Kansas.  We had an awesome time as usual.  The first sketch shows Jeannine in her arm brace, resting after some spindling.
Jeannine with her arm brace

Karin Spinning
Here is Karin Spinning in the doorway of the parlor at our bed and breakfast. Below is a sketch of the cone yarns I brought for her scarf project.
Cone Yarns for Karin

Lynn Spinning
Last is a sketch of Lynn spinning in her pink lace scarf.  


  1. Janette: These are wonderful. You have gotten the colors and the peace, just so.


  2. Janette - these are lovely. I agree there is a real sense of tranquillity and olde worlde notion in these. Were you also spinning - or is your role that of official recorder of events?
    Much love