Marina, Sequoyah Park

Marina, Sequoyah Park

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Notans and Value Studies

I have been doing a series of Notans and Value Study paintings for my work at Virtual Art Academy.  The Notans are quick one to three inch studies done with a brush pen and the Value paintings are mostly 6 x 8 inch oils on canvas paper, except for the last one which is 6 inch square.  I think I am learning alot by doing these and may have a couple from this selection that grow up to become paintings at some point.

These two are from a sketch I worked on in Cathy Johnsons online Sketching and Drawing class.  I had sketched this scene  several times in different materials and here is the Notan and Value painting.

This is a scene that is close to my home and on one of my bike routes.

Here is a scene from Riverparks in Tulsa, early in the morning.

This one is Mack on a Turkey Mountain trail hike we did last Fall.

This is a musician from the Oklahoma Scottish Festival last Fall.  This project has been alot of work but I am feeling more confident about approaching my painting.  I would be very interested in any comments about it.


  1. You have been so creative and as you said very busy. Love the idea of value studies. Will these be used for future paintings? I like knowing the scale of the studies too, it me visualize them. Good for you!

  2. I have so much trouble with value sketches - I tend to paint all the same values. These are an inspiration to me!

  3. hi loving seeing the real advances you're making. i really love the fiddler and many other of your blog entries. you are well on your way to great things.!!!